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Oxford Biolabs® truthfully engages consumers with credible science, developing scientific proof for each and every product. The team of Oxford Biolabs scientists, headed by Dr. Thomas Whitfield, formerly of the University of Oxford, has reached viable, innovative solutions to unwanted signs of ageing, including hair loss and premature greying, using naturally-based ingredients. Discover more

About Us

Oxford Biolabs® is a nutraceutical and cosmeceutical company that develops a range of naturally-based products aimed at helping people address unwanted signs of ageing, such as hair loss, premature greying, and skin ageing. Discover more

Production Quality

The TRX2® range of products is manufactured in Germany using the highest quality ingredients from top tier suppliers sourced in Germany and Switzerland. The production process adheres to the highest quality standards, ensuring our customers receive the best possible product. Discover more


Oxford Biolabs® produces innovative, user-friendly products that help to naturally enhance a customer's well-being and appearance. Operating within the world's nutraceutical and cosmeceutical industry, Oxford Biolabs® seeks to provide solutions of superior quality, backed by credible science that can make a genuine, noticeable difference.

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Oxford Research

Rooted in Oxford University, our genuine scientific expertise touches upon innovative approaches to various hair loss and hair pigmentation research areas.

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