Effect of TRX2® on the Progression of Androgenetic Alopecia
When we at Oxford Biolabs develop our products, we utilise our comprehensive knowledge of skin and hair physiology. This enables us to develop world-class products that foster the well-being of our customers. To prove the efficacy of our products we conduct our own research. We additionally demonstrate the superior quality of our products by testing them jointly with third-party laboratories, as we show here.

Oxford, December 20, 2019

Oxford Biolabs Ltd. announces the publication of the latest research study into the effect of TRX2® Molecular Food Supplement for Hair and TRX2® Hair Revitalising Lotion on hair loss in men and women. The study described here has been published in the Journal of Cosmetics, Dermatological Sciences and Applications1.

Besides safety, the efficacy of a product is one of its most important features. Every manufacturer should prove the efficacy of their products to consumers. This is why we engage in third-party testing of our products. To evaluate the efficacy of TRX2® Molecular Food Supplement for Hair and TRX2® Hair Revitalising Lotion, we teamed up with the renowned Research Institute Dermatest in Münster, Germany.

Both products were tested over a 9-month period. Altogether 79 subjects, who were diagnosed with hereditary alopecia, participated in this study. They were separated into four different study groups. The subjects of the first group were treated with the TRX2® supplement, the second with the TRX2® lotion and the third with both products, whereas the subjects of the fourth received neither product, as they served as a no-treatment control group.

When comparing the hair loss of all participants before and after the 9-month study, the results demonstrated that on average only the first three groups showed a reduction in hair loss, whereas the no-treatment control group showed worse hair loss (see Figure 1). Also, the ratio of anagen (actively growing) hair to telogen (non-growing, resting) hair at the beginning of the study was compared to the ratio at the end of the study. Again, only the study groups that were treated with the TRX2® products showed an improved ratio of anagen to telogen hair (see Figure 2). These results demonstrate that the TRX2® supplement and the TRX2® hair lotion are similarly effective.

TRX2 Lotion study

Figure 1

 TRX2 Lotion study

Figure 2

By the end of the study, 75% of the participants in the first three groups reported a reduced rate of hair loss, and 67% considered their hair to look healthier than at the beginning of the study.

Dr. Michael Bayer, study leader at Dermatest and first author of the study commented: “These results show that the treatments with the TRX2 supplement and the TRX2 hair lotion result in a reduced rate of hair loss and an increased amount of actively growing hair. This proves that the TRX2 formulation effectively combats the progression of hereditary hair loss. But it also tells us that the TRX2 treatments are most effective when used from the onset of hair loss.”


Combination of TRX2® supplementation and application of TRX2® Hair Revitalising Lotion, see results below.

Diffuse Hair Thinning in Man

Hair Loss in Woman

Temple and Frontal Area


1Bayer, M., Gahrtz, M., Voss, W., Schlippe, G. and Whitfield, T. (2019) The Effect of a Food Supplement and a Hair Lotion on the Progression of Androgenetic Alopecia. Journal of Cosmetics, Dermatological Sciences and Applications, 9, 292-304. doi: 10.4236/jcdsa.2019.94026.