Our team researched ways to extend the lifespan of fully pigmented hair, resulting in the development of Melaniq® Food Supplement for Hair Pigmentation, which was launched in 2015. 
Hair colour is not only a critical element of appearance, but also an indicator of personal health status and psychological harmony. Not surprisingly, the appearance of grey hair and the phenomenon of salt and pepper hair are usually associated with ageing. So it is our primary concern to ensure that something can be done with the effects of depigmentation that people experience according to their genetics, origin, environmental exposure, and emotional state.   
Generally, the process of hair pigmentation may be disrupted because of the above-mentioned factors, and addressing it is a complex scientific task that aims to protect from the loss of melanocytic activity from within. Losing pigmentation leads to the higher incidence of greying with different levels of intensity. Hair dyeing with the help of different chemical substances at the onset of greying acts externally without any internal contribution and revival of the biological pigmentation mechanism. Melaniq® instead, intends to support the natural process of pigmentation with the help of specifically chosen nutrients at the onset of greying.
Melaniq® combines powerful active ingredients to help maintain normal hair pigmentation, and favourably acts on melanocytes and protects them from damage. It includes copper, an essential element for the synthesis of melanin, the natural pigment that gives hair its colour. For more information about Melaniq®, visit our product website.