Mepilarin Product Details


Mepilarin® comes in two bottles: Microemulsion and Enzyme. The contents should be mixed in order to activate the post-epilation lotion that enhances the results of hair removal. The microemulsion-based formulation delivers the active enzyme directly to the hair follicles, in order to weaken future hair regrowth. Mepilarin® also soothes and nourishes the epilated skin. 

Oxford Biolabs® scientists have developed a novel method of reducing hair growth, the new Mepilarin® Hair Inhibition System, which will enhance and optimise the results of your epilation procedure. Specifically formulated to reduce the number of painful hair removal treatments. Our product will bring you a step nearer to permanent hair removal with every application.

The innovative epilation system contains high-quality active ingredients and is produced in Germany. It represents the best and most effective solution for those who suffer from unwanted hair. Mepilarin® is specifically developed for those who prefer to eliminate hair growth by natural pain-free means and enjoy beautiful, glowing skin straight after epilation.


Mepilarin® Hair Inhibition System is a cosmetic product that is applied to freshly epilated skin. The product acts on the hair-forming cells of the hair follicle, in order to weaken the regrowth capability of the follicles. Mepilarin® additionally soothes the skin after epilation.

The microemulsion facilitates the delivery of the active compound (a proteolytic enzyme) to the hair follicles. The microemulsion-based delivery is the main feature that makes the product one of the most innovative on the market. 

The product works by means of the proteolytic activity of the enzyme on the epilated hair follicle. The enzyme reduces the ability of the hair follicle to renew the epilated hair. It will take longer for the hair to regrow and the regrown hair will be much weaker than without treatment. With weaker hair regrowth, future epilation cycles will become less painful. Over the course of several applications, the area being treated  will start to look permanently hair-free.



Epilation is a hair removal procedure which involves removal of the entire hair, including the part below the skin (the hair root). Methods include waxing, sugaring, epilation devices, lasers, threading, intense pulsed light or electrical means. Hair is also sometimes removed by plucking with tweezers.

Which type of hair removal procedure would you recommend using prior to the Mepilarin® Hair Inhibition System?

We recommend hot waxing as the most effective hair removal procedure prior to the application of Mepilarin®. But you can also opt for any other hair removal process which will eliminate hair at the root level. We would rate the epilation procedures with regard to effectiveness in the following decreasing order: 

hot waxing / cold waxing (wax strips) > sugaring > electrical epilator devices >  threading > tweezers.


  • Slower regrowth of unwanted hair with longer periods of time between epilation treatments
  • Visible results such as smooth and luminous skin
  • No major side effects. No hormone interference.


  • Overnight results. Using the Mepilarin® regularly according to recommendations is critical to success.
  • Immediate permanent hair removal. As mentioned above, it depends on your hair type, area of epilation and the quality of your hair removal process. Dark and thick hair will require more applications than light and thin hair types.