Autumn Hair Care: The 3 Most Important Tips You Need to Know
Autumn is about colour, cool breezes, and long walks in the park. Learn how to take care of your hair in the autumn.
by Oxford Biolabs

Women lose more hair in autumn. Swedish researchers have shown that there is truth to the seasonality of hair loss, as the natural hair cycle ebbs and flows depending on the time of year.  The scorching summer sun and high humidity may have damaged our precious locks if we weren’t careful, but that doesn’t mean autumn should be the season of doom for hair. With summer over and autumn on its way, it’s time to get those warm sweaters out and put the swimwear and shorts away. While the leaves on trees will eventually dry up and fall off, we can’t allow that to happen to our hair this autumn. Autumn is the season of change, and changes in hair care routines are necessary to keep hair looking strong, thick and beautiful.


The cool breezes and chilly nights are a stark contrast to the hot and humid summer. We feel it, our skin feels it, and so does our hair. The crisp autumn air tends to dry skin out, requiring some form of moisturiser, such as hand creams or ointments. Hair needs to get some love too. The cool, dry air can sap so much moisture out of hair and scalp that it may lead to dandruff, itchy skin, and even hair shedding. The solution to this is to start using a natural shampoo, conditioner and oil masks (coconut, argan, jojoba, castor and olive oil work best) to keep hair shiny and supple.

Volumise and keep the frizz down

It’s getting colder outside, and soon everyone will be wearing hats to keep their ears and head warm. Hats tend to press hair down making it flat and lifeless. To keep frizz down from the static generated by friction by wool sweaters and hats, try a volumising spray or styling cream to instantly add volume and lock-in moisture before and after wearing a hat.

The oils in hair act have natural anti-frizz properties, so it’s best to not wash hair so often in the autumn. Also, avoid overusing curling and flattening irons, because they have a tendency to wreak havoc on hair, not only on a physical level, with frizziness and dryness, but on a molecular layer, altering the protein structure in hair follicles.  

Use natural ingredients and a eat a healthy diet

The summer beach-wave look with lighter highlights resulting from the humid air and hot sun, start to change in the autumn. Just like the season’s famous earth colours, hair gets a bit darker and earthy in autumn. To keep hair shiny and voluminous, it’s best to stay away from hair care products with chemicals. Just like hot curling irons, they dry out hair and strip away vital nutrients. A healthy, balanced diet of good fats (eg avocados, olive oil, omega-3s, nuts), proteins (eg chicken, eggs, dairy, lean meats) and an abundance of vitamins and minerals are essential to good hair, skin, and nails.   

Autumn is the season of harvest - which transitions to the cold, bitter winter. Start preparing now by shifting the summer hair routine to make it appropriate for autumn.